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Eighth Grade Poems

The eighth grade students in the RSP program at River Glen School spent six weeks studying poetry and writing their own poems. Two of the poems they wrote were used in this project. Each student wrote a poem entitled "Where I Come From." After completing the poem they posted the poems on their web site at Think.com as a way of introducing themselves.

Sample Poem:

Where I Come From
by Cesar

I come from a silent neighborhood,
a tree-lined street with squirrels in the branches.

I come from a house with a dog barking,
and a creek in front of the house.

I come from my father Cesar and my mother Virginia,
hard workers and loving.

I come from playing soccer
and videogames with my friends.

I come from tortillas and tacos,
salsa, frijoles and tamales.

I come from "estudiar mucho"
and "play good soccer."

I come from love, respect,
and enjoing life

That is where I come from.

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The eighth grade students also wrote poems using pictures of rivers as a way to help them develop descriptive language. These river poems were made into PowerPoint presentations and posted on their Think.com web sites. They were also shown to the seventh grade students who were beginning their water resources projects.

Click to view the PowerPoint presentations:

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Amairani's Movie

Cesar's Movie

Javier's Movie

Juan's Movie

Manuel's Movie