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Seventh Grade Essays and Newsletters

Informational Essays -

The seventh grade students each wrote an article about some aspect of water resources. They were directed to search the Internet for information using search engines such as Google and also to investigate specific sites provided by the teacher. They then had to take notes on the information they found, make an outline of their essay, and produce a rough draft. After review by the teacher they then used a word processing program to publish their final draft. After their final draft was reviewed by the teacher, each student added their informational essay to the newsletter. During the introduction to this activity, the students were shown the PowerPoint poems about rivers written by the River Glen eighth grade students. They also viewed the website and discussed as a class the BioSITE project being done by fourth graders at Almaden School. Copies of the newsletter produced by the River Glen students were given to the students at Almaden Elementary and Zanker School.

Sample Article:

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Pollution Essays -

After the students competed their informational essays, they were instructed on how to write a persuasive essay and asked to write one on some environmental issue about which they were concerned. The students needed to used the Internet to gather information that would support their arguments. Their essays were posted on each student's Think.com web page and also published in a newsletter.

Sample Essay:

Air Pollution by Heidy A.

     Do you know what air pollution is? It is the pollution that affects the air we breath. There are many kinds of air pollution.

     First of all, cars cause air pollution. The exhaust from cars releases particles, into the air to make a kind of pollution called "black carbon" pollution. The particles are very small. They are about 2.5 microns. Cars also produce carbon monoxide, which can cause breathing problems. Companies should make electric cars to help prevent air pollution. Since trains, ships, and buses also cause these kinds of air pollution, filters or some other thing should be used to decrease the pollution they cause.

     Another, type of pollution comes from factories. These factories release noxious gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. They can cause smog and acid rain. Smog can cause breathing problems. Acid rain can kill living things in lakes and rivers.

     In conclusion, air pollution can kill people and other living things. Don't you think we should prevent air pollution? I do. We should build electric cars, install filters on smoke stacks, and stop using chemicals that pollute the air.

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