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Environmental Research Project

The fifth graders at Pearl Zanker Elementary School conducted research into environmental problems, wrote persuasive essays that challenged readers to take action to reduce those problems, then wrote and produced public service announcements using digital video. Each public service announcement further challenged viewers to improve treatment of the enviornment. All of these activities centered around and addressed the essential question of this project: in order to answer the essential question: How do we become aware of local environmental concerns and what can we do to make a difference?


Collaboration in Cyberspace

Throughout each stage of this project, the students uploaded the learning products they created to a Think.com webpage. They shared their work and received feedback from the students from River Glen and Almaden School, as well as learning and reflecting on the learning products uploaded to the Think.com sites of the students from the other two participating schools. Samples of the students' work can be found along with more detailed descriptions of each activity in the following pages.